Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky Mobile Security v9.10.125 APK

Robust anti-theft, anti-malware, privacy protection and call/SMS filter !

Kaspersky Mobile Security v9.10.125 play.google.com/.kms

Robust anti-theft, anti-malware, privacy protection and call/SMS filter

Kaspersky Mobile Security offers you complete peace of mind, knowing that your smartphone and your data have the advanced protection against privacy violation, device loss or theft, annoying calls and messages, as well as malicious software.



Remotely Lock or Wipe your phone if it is lost or stolen. Just send a special SMS to a missing device to remotely activate protection.

Prearranged message will be displayed on the screen if the smartphone is locked, allowing any law-abiding citizen that finds your smartphone to return it to you.

Locate your smartphone using GPS, GSM or Wi-Fi – see it’s exact location on Google Maps.

The first thing a thief normally does is to remove a SIM card. If the SIM is replaced, SIM Watch feature will immediately lock the device and send you an email alert with the new number. Call & SMS Filter

Choose which contacts you want to accept calls and messages from. Easily blacklist annoying numbers just by a single click.Privacy Protection

You can mark a contact as ‘private’, meaning that no trace of them will appear in contact lists, SMSs and call logs. Other people using your mobile will only see what you allow them to see.Anti-Malware Protection

Everything you need to keep your smartphone protected: real-time protection from malware, on-demand or scheduled antivirus scans, automatic updates over-the-air.

What’s in this version: (Updated : Sep 12, 2012)

Support for Android 4.x;

Issues with product performance on new Samsung devices are fixed;

Heuristic analysis for better detection of new threats;

Web Protection for blocking of malicious and phishing websites;

Device Reset for deleting all information stored in the device and returning it to the default factory settings;

Reports about operation of all features in Anti-Virus, Web Protection and Call & SMS Filter modules.

Required Android O/S : 1 .6+


Download: 3.2Mb APK

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